Plastic Logic joins the e-reader Que

Plastic Logic has introduced its long-awaited Que proReader at CES 2010.

The device features an 8.5 x 11 inch form factor, 10.7-inch shatterproof plastic display and an intuitive user interface. In addition, the Que measures only 1/3 inch thick and weighs less than many periodicals (about a pound).

According to Plastic Logic CEO Richard Archuleta, the company’s inspiration for the Que was an age-old but perfect business tool: a simple sheet of paper.

“Que was designed to have the benefits of paper, but without the weight and clutter,” explained Archuleta.

“Just like paper, Que is easy to hold and feels good in your hands. But it’s easier to search and find exactly what you’re looking for.”

Indeed, the e-reader is powered by E Ink Vizplex technology, which facilitates a reading experience that looks and reads just like paper – even in direct sunlight.

“We wanted to highlight the optical qualities of plastic. Think of pools of black ink captured in a glass inkwell against a crisp sheet of white linen paper,” explained Plastic Logic creative director Caroline Flagiello.

“We created Que to feel as natural in your hand as a pad of paper, while conveying the level of premium quality craftsmanship of a fine pen. Its proprietary user interface is as intuitive and easy as paper and ink.”

However, Flagiello emphasized that the proReader was design for more than good looks.

“In addition to highly valued business and professional newspapers, periodicals and eBooks, QUE supports reading and annotating document formats business users need – including PDF files, Microsoft Office, ePub documents and more.

“Add a note and use the virtual keyboard to include your comments, highlight text, scribble free form, and even add a stamp to emphasize a point. No stylus needed. [It is also easy] to quickly transfer content from a PC, Mac, or BlackBerry smartphone to your Que.”

The Que proReader will be available in mid-April 2010 at a $650 price point for the 4GB WiFi model and $800 for the 8GB iteration with WiFi/3G capabilities.