Gaga goes gaga for Polaroid

Lady Gaga left her fans – and hordes of opportunistic photographers – waiting today as the popular pop diva arrived at the Polaroid conference over an hour fashionably late.

But the stylish star did not disappoint, sporting a bizarre radial projection of a hairdo, in semi 1920s style, fanned out about her head like a halo of blonde spikes.

Beneath her fishnet stockings, bruises attested to the pains of live performing, and the starlet looked thin, fragile, pale and even a little nervous as she wrung her hands whilst she spoke softly.

Behind the trademark sunglasses, Gaga sported heavy eyeliner, making her look older than her 23 years of age.

As the old men in the crowd pushed and jostled for a better shot – even managing to elbow this diminutive reporter squarely in the eye – Lady Gaga struggled to make herself heard over Polaroid’s awful sound setup.

The firm had recently chosen the icon to take on the role of “creative director” for a specialty line of Polaroid Imaging products, a role Gaga noted she was very proud of.

As the press conference ended, this reporter mistakenly got taken for a Best Buy rep and was thrust into a personal meeting with the Lady herself, along with two presumably real reps from Bed bath and Beyond.

“Make sure you tell Lady Gaga how Best Buy intends to use her expertise to position the product,” a Polaroid monkey hissed as this reporter extended her hand to greet her. “Er, I would position it on the shelves…” came the ever quick thinking reply, resulting in a few nervous chuckles.

“How would you suggest we market these new Polaroids to women?” asked one of the Bed Bath and Beyond reps. “I can’t really speak on behalf of women, but I can speak for the gays” came Gaga’s cryptic reply.

She went on to say how Polaroid had always been “iconic” and that the pictures produced using them were not just art but inspiration. “People don’t print out pictures anymore and it’s a shame,” she added.

“Lady Gaga, do you like to take photos yourself?” asked this undercover TG Daily reporter. “I do, I love taking photos,” she answered, but added “my parents had a polaroid when I was a child but I was never allowed to touch it, let alone use it.”

“What has been the favourite photo you’ve ever taken?”

“My favourite photo was in a taxi, in New York, and I took a photo from inside the taxi of the metre, just as it was changing,” she replied.

As the meeting ended, a Polaroid rep handed her a camera to look at, as she had clearly not seen the new model before. In an awkward turn of events, the great lady dropped it on the floor, only to have this reporter hand it back to her.

“Can I get one of these?” asked Gaga to the flushed Polaroid rep who immediately promised he would get her one in any colour she wanted with film included.

So maybe now that she’s getting her very own camera, Lady Gaga will be working on her Polaroid face from now on.