Peer to Peer Communication Has Never Been Safer Than With P2P Solutions Foundation

Technology is a vital part of our everyday lives and has been for years. Most of us interact with dozens of different pieces of technology each and every day and they help us do everything from check the weather, to getting to work on time to keeping up with the news.

However, one of the most common uses of technology in the modern day is to communicate with friends, families and co-workers. Whether you are texting them, calling them, or using an app interact with them, communication via technology is massive and without it, most of us would be pretty lost.

However, there is one glaring problem with communicating via technology, and that is the security and privacy concerns we can sometimes run into. How do we really know that the messages we send are safe, secure and private?

While you shouldn’t worry if your communications are just regular conversation, some people share very private and sensitive information via text message, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or any other popular platform. While these mediums are safe to an extent, they are not tamper-proof. This means if one of these platforms is ever hacked or compromised, the sensitive and privates details you have shared could be stolen.

Privacy is a growing concern among the public, especially when it comes to our dealings with technology. However, one company is looking to be the solution to this problem and ease the concerns many people have.

They are the P2P Solutions Foundation. The P2PSF is a foundation that looks to create a system for individuals to exchange confidential and digital information or assets with one another. They plan for it to work without third party administration or interference, so that truly no one will have access to the messages or data that you send. They are the first ever blockchain-based, secure and interference free communication platform. It is designed for anyone who needs to store or exchange data such as medical records, banking data and other private or sensitive information. Of course, those who just want to be extra sure their messages aren’t being compromised can use it as well.

Their platform will be completely decentralized and no one will be able to control it or manipulate for their own gains. Both individuals and companies/corporations will be able to benefit from the platform as it is the only way to truly guarantee that your communications are private and secure, which holds a lot of value with how important privacy is to so many millions of people. No other platforms like this exist on the market today and P2PSF could change the way people use technology to communicate forever.

In order to participate in the P2P platform, you need to be an owner of P2PS, which is the crypto-token for the platform. This token help with making transactions of all kinds in the platform, so it is necessary to have if you want to take advantage of the secure communication in the platform. Currently, P2PSF is in the middle of their ICO, which began way back on December 15th 2017. The first phase will end on February 28th 2018, but all future phases will continue to run as long as enough funds have been raised, so we are unsure when the ICO will officially end. It is good to remember that these tokens aren’t an investment in a company (like investing in company stocks), but is a token with utility that will also help grow the P2P ecosystem. The funds that the company and the platform raise during the token sale will go to a variety of things such as marketing, web development, platform development and expanding the team.

Speaking of team, the team behind P2PSF is a very impressive one. Their team is an incredibly diverse one that features many people who have a strong background in a variety of different areas. The team is led by CEO Jameel A. Shariff, a serial entrepreneur who has founded numerous companies and has advanced degrees from across the world, and is a great leader for this diverse and educated team.

The team is rounded out by of a variety of different individuals, many of which have experience working with (and founding) multi-million dollar companies. They have experts in the areas of marketing, security, business development, engineering, finance and more. The team, despite their varied backgrounds and experience, all share the same goal of making this platform great and ensuring it is the safest and most secure peer to peer communications platform on the market.

In conclusion, P2PFS is trying to revolutionize the world when it comes to private communication. They want to provide the safest possible place to share private and sensitive information such as medical records, personal information, banking data and more. The team hopes to be nearing the final stages of their development within a year, so we could see this platform start to be available sooner rather than later.