Panasonic 3D TVs sell out in one week

If Panasonic’s initial sales are any indication, 3D is indeed going to break into the market in a big way. The company’s first shipment of 3D HDTVs has sold out.

Of course, this is the early adopter market at work right now. “There are always people who want to buy high-end products. That’s probably what’s driving sales,” said analyst Kazuharu Miura in a Business Week story.

Panasonic, which was the first manufacturer to introduce a 3D TV to the consumer market, has more to gain with the new technology than any of its competitors. Panasonic is the last major stronghold holding onto the dying plasma format. “It’s a great opportunity to turn around our TV business,” said Hitoshi Otsuki, senior managing director for the company’s overseas operations.

Panasonic’s first 3D set was a 50-inch plasma TV that comes packed with a 3D-capable Blu-ray player and glasses for around $2900. It has since also introduced a 55-inch model for $400 more.

The only other company with a 3D TV, Samsung, has not yet released its 3D shipment or sales figures.