Google wants to take over your TV set too

It was only a matter of time: Google is now reportedly working on a new software interface for Internet-enabled TV sets, further expanding the online behemoth’s stretch from its search engine roots.

Google is working with Intel and Sony to make Internet TVs more user-friendly, according to a story that broke on the New York Times. Google TV will be based on the mobile Android platform, which has already reached out to other uses such as the upcoming Alex e-reader.

Higher-end sets, like the new 3D TVs and Sony’s Bravia line, now have firmware installed directly into the TV itself that allows users to have living room access to Facebook, e-mail, news, etc. Additionally, cable and set-top boxes are expanding similar functionality. Google has decided it wants its name to be imprinted on all of this stuff.

Logitech is also reportedly working with Google to create peripherals for Google TV sets, such as a mini keyboard. The search company has already been testing early versions of its TV software with Dish Network set-top boxes.