7 Tips to Wash White Clothes with Stains

When you stain your clothes, it is very difficult to clean them properly. We all try numerous methods to clean our clothes but if we make mistakes, these clothes may get ruined permanently. It is therefore very important to know how to clean them efficiently and with ease. In this article, we bring you seven tips to wash white clothes with stains.

1. Separate Your Whites

Separating your whites is the first thing to do. By doing so you will be isolating the clothes which need special attention because your whites (if stained) may leave a horrible impression upon the fabric. It is often impossible to remove the stains and you may have to discard the clothes completely. You may also try to wash your colored clothes on one day and the whites on another.

2. Use Quality Products for Washing the Clothes

When you wash your clothes, use only the best products available in the market to do so. Do not use substandard soaps, detergents or other materials which may be harsh on the fabric and cause damage to the items that you are washing. You should only buy soaps of trusted brands and try to use only one type of soap when you do your washing. If you are not sure you can always ask friends in family for advice or refer to the internet!

3. Set Your Water Temperature Right

The temperature of the water is important. If the water is too hot the soap and the hot water together can make the cloth turn colorless. If the water is too cold, you may not have enough lather to wash your clothes properly. It is therefore imperative to have the correct temperature of water and wash the clothes only when that has been achieved. Based on what you will be washing this water temperature may vary in each case.

4. Do Not Add Unnecessary Items to The Mix

Try to avoid using unnecessary items such as color or strong dye in the washing machine. Unnecessary items may block the process and even ruin your machine. On the other hand, having these may ruin the fabric of the cloth permanently. If you are not sure, remember to check which materials you can use in the washing machine and which ones you cannot.

5. Choose the Right Washing Machine

You must choose the right washing machine if you want to have an effective cleaning process. You may already have a washing machine at home, but it does not necessarily mean that it is the right model for you at this point of time. It is necessary to upgrade your electronics and washing machines are no different. This is to make sure that you are always up to date with industry standards and have the best to serve you all the time.

6. Wash Wisely

Do not make it a point to wash your clothes periodically. Instead try to wash them when it is required to do so. When your clothes get dirty and soiled and have stains on them you want to wash them however if you wash them each week you have a higher possibility of ruining the fabric. When washing the clothes, make sure you do not smudge the stain.

7. Follow the Instructions

Tucked away on the inside of your clothes, you will find a small tag littered with symbols representing instructions on how to wash them. Follow these instructions religiously. These ensure that the clothes last longer and the fabric is not ruined too quickly.

Finally, it is important to exercise caution when washing your clothes. Make sure you do not have any unnecessary items in the washing machine when the clothes are being cleaned. The quality of your soap should be up to market standards. The cheapest soap may seem more attractive to you and your budget, but it may make you spend unnecessary amounts of money on new clothes, if the old ones are ruined.