Opinion: DHS, TSA plans for massive increase in surveillance go too far

The US Department of Homeland security is planning a massive increase in the amount of covert surveillance it conducts on civilians.

Supporters of the national security state and the war on terror will have a hard time justifying this one.

According to Natural News, documents obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center show that DHS has been crafting plans to launch a new wave of police state goodness. They will do this with a new wave of mobile surveillance technologies at train stations, stadiums, and on the streets.


And these new technologies do “neat” things like track your eye movements, capture and record your facial structure for face-recognition processing, blast you with x-rays to peek under your clothing, and they can even image your naked body using whole-body infrared images that are banned from consumer video cameras because they allow the camera users to take “naked” videos of people.


That’s right people; commoners are not allowed to see people naked via new technologies, so deal with it! There is no word yet on whether the DHS will be hiring commoners to wear blue shirts and use these devices on each other. My guess would be yes because it is not likely we will only be spied on by highly trained secret agents. That would cost too much money, and we have to draw the line somewhere!


These new technologies that you tax dollars are paying for also have another sinister element about them and you can probably already guess what that is. Yes! They are also designed to be completely hidden allowing to government to spy on you in public without you knowing?


Are you guilty of anything? You probably will be if you show any signs of displeasure or resistance to this new DHS plan. They don’t like it when people have the audacity to invoke their constitutional rights. Either way the DHS is setting up a system where they will be showering people with x-rays without them even knowing.


I love to say this sarcastically to the morons who still support the actions that are turning America into a police state: But it’s for our own good right?


Wake the hell up people! Seriously, how far is too far? How far will we let the government go the name of “keeping us safe”? I mean just last week we reported on DHS plans to being testing DNA scanners on the public and now this!


The Transportation Security Administration is also in the process of testing powerful, deep-penetrating x-ray devices to check for bombs that people may have ingested. Oh yes, now they want to look inside your colon to make sure you aren’t about crap out a bomb. Hell in the future they’ll probably use the x-rays to make sure you aren’t eating too much meat, because as you know the government cares about your health and keeping you safe.


They care so much about your health and safety that they are willing to turn you into cattle to do it. Hooray.


Read the DHS documents for yourself, and read the Forbes story that broke the news last Wednesday, and then ask yourself, if this a good idea.

I hope so badly that some pro DHS, war on terror supporter leaves a comment underneath this rant of mine. I really want to hear what the lunkheads have to say about this one.

How much farther can they go, they already have plans to get our DNA, they already put their hands down people’s pants to check for threats, and now it seems like we will not be able to even set foot in public without being x-rayed against our will.

I forget, are we the bad guys or something? I mean I served in the Marines, I thought I was serving to prevent things like this. I guess I was wrong.