"Legend of Korra" art hits the ‘Net

A new image of the heroine from Nickelodeon’s Avatar series gives us our first look at a character whom many of us are counting on for a return to a story we love.

The new series, entitled “The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra” follows a teenaged Waterbender from the Southern tribe named Korra as she ventures to Republic City to learn Airbending from Ang’s descendants, 70 years after the events of “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

Images and descriptions we’ve already gotten make the spinoff’s setting seem very compelling.

Republic City looks like a sort-of dystopian, industrial revolution era city, with just a touch of steam-punk. However, it has retained that world-of-pagodas look that made the setting so visually exotic in the first series.

Especially interesting is the seeming skyscraper pagoda, seen in the distance in one of the early pieces of released art. It also seems, from plot descriptions released a while back, that the world has moved on a bit from bending, and we likely won’t see a world filled with people using the mystical forces in their everyday lives.

If you’re one of the few who completely missed “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” or if you only saw the M. Night Shyamalan movie, this is something you should remedy immediately.

Though seemingly constructed for children, it is certainly not too juvenile for an adult audience, and is, in fact, one of the best fantasy series, with one of the most interesting mythologies, television has seen in a very long time. 

The movie not only doesn’t do it justice, it does it disservice. Infact, while we’re rebooting everything lately, let’s just go ahead and redo “The Last Airbender” already, and do it right this time.

Done correctly, it could be one of the great fantasy movies of all time, instead of the last great flop of a gimmick-prone director’s career.