No, Motorola’s 4G Xoom isn’t worth $800+

Android is undoubtedly one of the coolest mobile operating systems coded in recent years. But it isn’t iOS, and the Xoom, for all its tricked-out and superior specs, isn’t an iPad. Simply put, the Android-powered Xoom lacks the comforts of Apple’s “walled garden” ecosystem. 

When you shell out that much money for an iPad, say $729 for the 3G 32GB model, you are granted access to a well-stocked app store, a truly intuitive UI and AppleCare support (yes, this costs extra).   

Love it or hate it, that is why people pay the so-called Apple Tax – for the overall experience.

Obviously, Android enthusiasts (like me) feel the same way about their favorite mobile OS and would definitely be willing to part with $800 for the tablet of their dreams.

However, it remains unclear if Motorola can convince mainstream consumers to choose the Xoom over Apple’s iPad.

Unsurprisingly, Motorola mobility chief Sanjay Jha believes the device is appropriately priced.

“We felt that our ability to deliver 50Mb/s would justify the $799 price point. It is 32GB with 3G and a free upgrade to 4G,” said Jha, who was quoted by the Wall Street Journal. 

“Being competitive with iPad is important. We feel that from the hardware and capabilities we deliver we are at least competitive and in a number of ways better [than the iPad].”

Fortunately, Jha confirmed that a Wi-Fi-only version of the Xoom would go on sale, saying that such a model would be “meaningfully cheaper” and likely comparable to the price set by an iPad at $599.

Of course, only time will tell if Motorola can successfully compete against Apple’s iPad and its walled-garden ecosystem.