Sony releases Spider-Man photo from Amazing Spider-Man reboot

Sony has confirmed that the new Spider-Man film set to reboot the popular movie franchise will have a great title – “The Amazing Spider-Man.” The entertainment company also released a photo of the spideysuit from the film that has comic book fans talking and gawking.

This hi res look at the costume Andrew Garfield will be wearing as Spider-Man came from Ain’t It Cool News and it gives us an up close look at the details on the costume. It also gives fans a look at Spidey’s mechanical web-shooters in an action pose that should give Stan Lee chills.

The use of mechanical web-shooters in the new film is something that is a big difference from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films. Raimi choose to use organic web-shooters in a gland on Peter Parker’s wrist as way to explain the origin of the hero’s webbing. Director Marc Webb is going with the legendary mechanical web-shooters built by the genius main character and it definitely gives the film more of a comic book vibe.

The film will also focus more on Peter Parker’s high school days and the development of his powers while navigating the troubles of a brainy geek in high school. All in all it appears that the film will try to appeal to comic book purists by placing the story earlier in Spider-Man’s career where he was a superhero who had to deal with normal high school kid problems. Stories from this era are some of the most fondly remembered by old and young alike.

Based on what we currently know about the movie and the photos we have seen, there is some reason to be hopeful about this new Spider-Man movie. However, some cyber-geeks are not sold on the new spideysuit.

Some people throughout the message boards, where these geek debates take place, are saying that Spidey’s suit looks a little bit too high tech to be believable. They are saying that the suit looks too much like some type of military super-fabric that would be beyond the reach of a kid in high school.

While the movie is taking place in the earlier Spider-Man years, the suit looks doesn’t resemble anything from the 60’s and 70’s Spider-Man comics. If anything it looks like a mix of Ben Reilly’s spideysuit and the spideysuit from the super-lame Spider-Man 2099 comic from the 90’s.

Also if you look at the close up shots of the costume that came from Screen Rant, you can see that there is a honeycomb pattern inside the the blue and red patches of coloring that are situated between Spidey’s customary black webbing lines.

I personally don’t like the honeycomb pattern in the blue and red sections of the new spideysuit because from a distance it gives Spider-Man a scaly appearance, kind of like his foe in this movie, The Lizard. And in the blue sections of the suit we can also see faint traces of a digital camo pattern similar to the ones used in many military camouflage uniforms around the world.

Hardcore Spider-Man fans do indeed have a legitimate gripe, the suit looks a bit too high tech. I can also see why people are also saying that the suit has too many patterns in its design which makes the suit look busy.

Many argue that there was no need to reboot the Spider-Man franchise and that the move reeks of a corporate cash grab. Some also worry that the move to a teen centered continuity for Peter Parker might end up hurting the film. While it remains to be seen if more teen drama in the Spider-Man films will lead to a better product, we should at least be thankful that Disney wasn’t able to get their hands involved in a Spider-Man film, yet.

So far we can only judge the Spider-Man reboot based on rumors and a few pictures of the hero in costume. To be fair we can say that the suit looks so-so, but there is a bit of hope though because it has come out recently that the suit was designed to look good in 3D, which the film is being shot in. So at the very least the film might look really groovy in 3D because it is actually being shot in 3D instead of being of being converted later to sell tickets.

I am a huge fan of Spider-Man and to me to suit could have been better. I don’t really like the scales on the spideysuit, but maybe it will look badass onscreen when we see how the new Spidey looks in action. Perhaps it moves better than it looks? All I know is Spider-Man fighting the Lizard onscreen in 3D has the potential to kickass.