5 Reasons Preppers Need Guns

Every firearm serves a purpose. Rifles of different calibers, automatic weapons and handguns are useful for different applications. Handguns are best for close combat, concealed carry or for home defense, especially when equipped with hollow point ammo. Rifles and automatic weapons are better for hunting and other long-range applications.

Beyond weapon types, smart preppers also keep bulk 223 ammo, 9mm or 556 caliber bullets in storage to prepare for necessary situations. What follows are five logical reasons why preppers need guns.

Personal Defense

In a theoretical situation where law and order may no longer exist, personal defense is absolutely necessary in order to protect your possessions and family. Whether you’re carrying a sidearm while you travel, or you’re situated at a lookout or entrance, defending yourself is a huge priority.

Home/Property Defense

Beyond personal defense is the situation of home/property defense. In order to protect your home, possessions and family from intruders, firearms are necessary, especially in situations where law and order no longer exist or have degraded significantly enough that citizens are responsible for protecting their homes and surrounding property.

Encounters with Those Who Want to Steal Your Supplies

Preppers make it their lifestyle to prepare for an unforeseen disaster, whether biological, environmental or political. The reality is there will be individuals whose plan during some kind of disaster is to steal the supplies of others. With a lack of law and order, it’s vital for preppers to be armed in order to defend the supplies you rely on to keep you and your family alive.

Keeps Your Closest Enemies at Bay

The people you may need to fend off are those that live closest to you – your neighbors. If your neighbors have gotten wind of your preparations, you can bet they’ll be ready to loot whatever you have once law and order have disintegrated. In these situations, firearms are essential.


If part of your preps is to hunt animals, then rifles or other long-range weapons are necessary to use. While the animal population may dwindle significantly initially because people will be desperate for food, if you live in a secluded area there may be more wildlife available for hunting.

Food is essential for survival, especially when there’s nothing left in your grocery store, and high-quality hunting weapons are essential.

Some preppers believe that weapons aren’t necessary, but most disagree with this sentiment. Weapons of all types, including sidearms, rifles, AKs and handguns are paramount to proper, responsible defense of you, your family, belongings and property and home in general. Any smart prepper will have a plan for storing bulk ammunition and other types as well as several reliable weapons.