5 Factors to Consider in Choosing a Sit-Stand Desk

With most of the people working continuously for most of the day sitting on a desk, sedentary lifestyle has become a big part of our lives. The only logical solution to change the unhealthy sedentary pattern to healthy living is by adopting a sit-stand desk at our workspace. With so many advantages associated with sit-stand desks, many offices have opted to change their workspace furniture for the health benefits of their employees. Researchers have also claimed that being active at the workplace by standing for a considerable amount of time increases the productivity of the employees along with the added health benefit.

This brings us to the fact that there are hundreds of different models of a sit-stand desk hence it becomes difficult to decide which one suits you right. Here are some factors you need to consider before you buy an adjustable standing desk.

1. Number of Levels:

Make sure to invest in a desk which serves all your purposes. Just buying a desk which only has two height level adjustment, one to sit and other to stand will not be enough because you may need different heights for different work such as one height for being seated and working on computer, one for standing and working on the computer and another for writing. Also, at a workplace, the same desk is usually used by different employees with different physical attributes hence everyone may have a different height preference which makes it important to have multi-level height adjustments to create an ergonomic workstation.

2. Maximum Weight Capacity:

Every table is designed to hold a maximum weight. Most sit-stand desks can hold the standard weight of the computer and some desk items but if you have some specific requirement, do review the maximum weight a desk can hold to make sure that you order a desk which does not dysfunction due to wrong specifications.

3. Customer Reviews:

Going through the wide list of sit-stand desk may become overwhelming and the decision to choose the right one may get trickier. One easy way of deciding is to go with other user experiences. Choose a product which has a good amount of reviews as it indicated that it is quite popular, also make sure to go through the negative comments as well to contemplate. But, ultimately go for the desk which suits your needs.

4. Trial Period and Warranty:

Investing in a sit-stand desk is not cheap, be it an individual expenditure or multiple purchases for office use. One of the biggest fears most buyer’s face is that what if they like the sit-stand chair initially but after using it for a week or two, find it uncomfortable? Buying a sit-stand desk from Autonomous.ai ensures that you can return the product within 30 days if it is not what you are looking for. In addition, their warranty covers the sit-stand chairs for 5 years with easy to avail service requests.

5. Budget:

Of course, setting up a budget before exploring the options of sit-stand desks is very important as you can find these desks in a wide range of price point. Do not straight away go for the cheapest option but also consider if the sit-stand desk fulfills all your requirements, after-all it is an investment towards your better health.