10 Quirky Office Features Your Startup Can Benefit From

In the early days of entrepreneurship, starting your venture from home is highly inexpensive and can save on the considerable overhead of renting an office. However, it’s inevitable that the time will come when a physical, shared office space is needed in order to grow – despite the significant cost.

At DeVono Cresa we see startups mitigating that overhead by taking advantage of the all-inclusive monthly cost and extensive perks of co-working and serviced office space, ultimately enabling startups to facilitate rapid growth without going over-budget.

So, when is it time to take on the overhead of a permanent office? And what benefits can today’s forward-thinking spaces offer a new startup?

We’ve listed 10 unique perks today’s startups can get from serviced provider spaces throughout London:

1. Creche

Childcare arrangements can be rigid, expensive and timely – and a creche in the same building you work in can provide huge relief for parents. With a growing number of working mothers and women in tech roles too, we love that some flexible office providers are taking modern stresses into consideration within their spaces, tackling them head on.

2. Pets

There’s a national “Take Your Dog To Work Day” – but what about doing this every day? Resident office dogs can brighten up any office, and save on arranging care for your pet. It’s increasingly encouraged throughout the city too.

3. Call Handling

As well as the benefit of making your business look bigger than it is, a provider that offers call handling can free up time, add a professional veneer to your business’s ‘shop window’ and improve upon productivity.

4. Gym

Another cost-saving measure designed to improve our health and coming to an office near you! Gyms can be costly and easy to avoid if they’re situated far away from us! An in-office gym can help on multiple counts; making that lunch-time workout much more convenient.

5. Wellness program

If budgets are lean, we know of centres that offer free yoga classes and other wellness benefits for their members. Exercise classes in the city can be expensive, not to mention transport costs getting to and fro. For this reason, getting your daily dose of zen at your workplace can not only enhance you and your team’s productivity, but save on spend.

6. Sit-Stand desks

For today’s health conscious workforce, ergonomic furniture designed to fit to the worker can help us worth in a better posture and more optimally. Similarly, sit-stand desks keep us active, prolonging our ability to concentrate. A number of serviced office providers now offer this in their desk furniture.

7. Bicycle Storage

Cycling to work is a great way to switch off and get some exercise. Storage in inner city bike racks however, can run the risk of theft. In response, a number of centres now offer bike storage to their clients as part of their office space proposition.

8. Laundry Service

No busy startup entrepreneur has time to do laundry! A quirky perk of sorts, never fear turning up to a meeting with a crinkled shirt or that soup stain on show again. Work place laundry services are now here!

9. Networking Events

In addition to optimising the running of your business, serviced centres that have multiple businesses contained within them often hold networking events where member companies can bounce ideas – and business – off one another. Some are even known as prevalent for different sectors too, building a community feel and a hub for driving sector-specific innovation.

10. Green Building Standards

Today’s workforce is environmentally conscious and increasingly, businesses are adhering to green standards, making their centres environmentally friendly with certifications such as WiredScore and the WELL certification.

Twenty-four-hour access, onsite cafes, outside space, reception staff and even a putting green are just a few other features available throughout London. Serviced office agents, DeVono Cresa have access to every available space on the market. Search through their site and see what benefits the modern office can bring your startup today.