What to Bring to a Car Show?     

So you’ve detailed, polished and waxed your vehicle for the upcoming car show and you feel you are ready to showcase it. Everything is in order from the paperwork, the car itself and even the custom show plates you installed look gleaming and ready to wow the crowds. Question is though, are you as the car owner ready to step up and be counted? Are you ready for the car show you’ve prepared for all this time?

Well, if your car is ready, then you are ready and all that’s needed is to show up. The question posed at this point though is what do you bring to a car show to make the experience that bit more memorable and to make you stand out from the crowds? We have a few pointers that can make you appear as a seasoned veteran at a car show:

The Dress Code

The first rule of car show etiquette is, dress comfortably. You will likely spend all day on your feet so high heels are probably not a good idea. The general dress code for most car shows is to dress casual and comfortable. There will be a lot going on and you want to be able to remain active and alert throughout the entire event. Jeans, casual slacks or shorts and t-shirts should be your go-to choices.

Get a Canopy

The next thing you want to bring to a car show is shade. There are a lot of different canopies made for this purpose and they even come at varying price points. Shade is important particularly on a hot day to make you and your crew comfortable. Keep in mind that during a car show, you may have to sit for long periods and on a hot day, you’ll be well advised to have a canopy.

Have Some Furniture

Most car shows will not provide you with the tables and chairs you need to spend a whole afternoon at the venue. So, if you want the day to go smoothly, you might want to bring your own. Fold up chairs are a great idea since they are easy to transport and many can be very comfortable, not to mention affordable. Having enough chairs for you and your crew will be crucial, since like we said, you may be waiting around a long time.

You may also want to bring a lightweight table that you can use to hold your other stuff. The table doesn’t have to be too elaborate; a sturdy plastic one should do just fine. Having furniture and a canopy will also help you remain organized, a factor that might make you and your vehicle unforgettable.

Bring Some Food and Water

Finally, depending on how long you are going to be at the show, you may want to ensure you have adequate food and water. Most people will pack a small picnic lunch or bring a grill. Most car shows will however feature some food booths so; food may already be available at the venue.