What are the Different Kinds of Car Types?

Are you new to the world of cars and don’t really know what the most common types are? In that case, this article is going to help walk you through some very common types of cars. You have probably seen all of these cars at some point in your life but never really knew what they were called before now. So here is a list of different kinds of common cars you see every day:


Okay so maybe Limousines are not the kind of cars you see every single day. But they are still some of the most well-known fancy cars out there. They have a very long and sleek rear area and a much smaller driver’s compartment up front. You probably have seen celebrities show up to red-carpet events in Limousines or people in movies sipping champagne and partying in them.


In many ways, Hatchbacks are the perfect cars for big families who want to go on long road trips. They usually come in five-door variants where the fifth door is located at the back of the car and can be used to store things and for seating people simultaneously.


Convertibles are cars that can be open-air or have a sun-roof on top with the push of a button. Hydraulic mechanics or electronic circuits make this happen. So to get that perfect wind-in-your-hair experience, you should get a convertible. They aren’t big on space so you should think about getting a convertible only when it’s just you and maybe one more person who has to share the space with you. Ideally, this person is your significant other!

Armored Cars

Armored cars are no longer just for important personalities who are in constant danger of being showered by bullets. Bulletproof cars are now easily available to the common man as well as armored vehicles. They even offer features like being missile-proof or having an AK-47 handy for a time when you think either you or your family are in danger.


Sedans are some of the most commonly seen cars on the road. They usually come in the four-door variety and can seat up to six people comfortably, depending on their size. These cars can be used easily for family sharing purposes and also to hold a lot of friends anytime you are planning to hang out.

Sports Cars

Sports cars can come as the common Roadsters or as the more stylish Coupes. These cars may be convertibles but their biggest strengths are their speeds and endurance abilities. They are usually very stylish as well, even if they aren’t all that spacious!


SUVs are the perfect cars for road-trips, especially if you want a couple of friends to join you on the way. They are very spacious, four-door cars that have high endurance and can cover very long miles very comfortably. They can be driven on pretty much any kind of terrain easily and offer maximum comfort for everyone who is inside.