Guide To Download Cydia On Your iOS Device

Cydia is a famous and highly preferred third-party app store that brings users an excellent opportunity to access lots of functionalities and features. Apart from that, it is also packed with an extensive range of ringtones, themes, modifications, tweaked apps, lots of useful customization options. Cydia not only brings you some unique features but also lets you do more with your iPod, iPhone or iPad. If you want to get the benefits, you can download the Cydia on your favorite device. There are many online websites offering a guide on Cydia Download, so you can visit the right one that makes the process simpler.

Methods to download Cydia easily onto your iPod Touch or iPhone

There are two different methods available to download the app store onto your iPod Touch and iPhone that includes:

Ø In the first method, you need to download the icon of Cydia app on the device without using your PC

Ø In the second method, you can jailbreak it by using the iOS jailbreak tool which runs on your Mac or PC. It is done by using the jailbreak installer such as Taig, PP Jailbreak tools or Pangu.

1. Download Cydia by using a Safari Method

If you look for the right way to get the icon of Cydia app on your iOS device, you can utilize this method. In this method, you need not use your computer. It is completely reversible with a delete process. You can read and follow these steps, that help you to complete the downloading procedure without any difficulties.

Ø You should ensure that you already have the new version of iOS installed on the device. The following guide is uniquely developed for iOS devices.

Ø You can open the Safari browser on the iOS devices including iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. You must select the Safari browser because Opera, Google Chrome and another type of browsers do not work with this method.

Ø You can open the link known as in your address bar. It will go to jailbreak page.

Ø Here, you can tap the “Up” arrow at a bottom of your screen

Ø After that, you can tap on the “Add to Home Screen” option for saving the icon of Cydia app

Ø Now, you can name this app as “Cydia” as well as tap on the Add option

Ø Finally, you will get the icon of Cydia app on your iOS device. You can open your app icon for staying updated to the jailbreak status of iOS.

2. Guide to Jailbreak by using Pangue Jailbreak

Pangu is highly preferred jailbreak tools used to jailbreak the iOS 7. All you require doing is chase the simple steps mentioned below which will allow you acquire the Cydia app successfully installed on iOS 7 by jailbreaking the iPad or iPhone.

Ø Initially, you can launch iTunes app as well as simultaneously connect iPad or iPhone to the Mac or Windows PC.

Ø In the next step, you can close iTunes after while you completely have the backup of every installed application on the iOS device

Ø After that, you require downloading the jailbreak tool named Pangu 9 for jailbreaking the iOS device. It is obtainable for both Mac and Windows

Ø If you use Windows, you can click on the Pangu 9 and choose “Run as Administrator” option.

Ø This jailbreak tool will identify the iOS device within short time and you will click on Start button

Ø The instant the jailbreak task gets finished successfully Cydia icon will emerge on a home screen of an iOS device.

Ø You can click on the Cydia app icon for starting your configuration process.

Ø Finally, you can begin Cydia download

These are the simple procedures to download Cydia on your device and start enjoying the benefits of it. If you want to make the jailbreak process safe, you can follow these procedures correctly.

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