Tips to Keep Your Car Young (And Yourself Safe)

Whether you’re hitting the highway in a brand-new vehicle, or just cruising back roads in your reliable mid-size, there’s no better way to do it than with a gleaming coat of paint. A trustworthy automobile that stylishly gets you from point A to point B is the true American dream.

You don’t have to break the bank to purchase that fancy new sports car. You don’t even have to spend a fortune to restore your 100,000-thousand-mile old one. All you need to do is follow a few simple tips to make your automobile an eye-catcher instead of an eyesore. What you probably don’t know is that preserving and maintaining your ride is easier than you might think.

Back From the Shop

Most people believe vehicle upkeep costs a fortune, but reality is that it costs even more to ignore your car’s basic needs. Accidents that are a result of poorly maintained vehicles cost over $2 billion per year.

If that number is too general for you to comprehend, try this one: By ignoring simple maintenance tasks, your automobile can underperform its optimal output by 50,000 miles. Surely the price of prematurely buying a new car is steeper than the oil change, tire rotation, and repair bills that are often times disregarded.

Once you’ve addressed the mechanical needs, focusing on the cosmetic ones is the next obvious step. And, by listening to some quick, easy suggestions, you can ensure that your vehicle will not only perform perfectly, but also look perfect.

Protection Is Key

Safeguarding your car against the elements should be priority number one. Hot, dry weather can fade your finish and cause mechanical complications. Cold, wet climates will chip your paint and provide a breeding ground for mold and rust.

Fortunately, the cure doesn’t have to be costly. Instead of erecting a garage or paying to keep your prized possession in storage, you can simply order the best car cover on the market. They’re affordable, durable, and effective. Cover your vehicle from bumper to bumper with the protection of a UV reflecting, pollutant-repelling shield. With options to fit every car, there’s no excuse to leave your automobile unprotected any longer.

Fluids Are Important

Oil consumption is an underrated aspect of any car. The quality of the motor oil and frequency of a change is one of the most vital phases of vehicle ownership. Ensuring a long, healthy car lifespan all depends on your attention to your motor. Changing oil every 3,000 miles — with the name brand stuff — is highly recommended.

Of course, you’ll need to also swap oil and air filters out. While you’re at it, changing the spark plugs every 50,000 miles is an easy task to put on the to-do list. If you’re looking to boost performance after six-digit mileage, these are the best tips to get the job done.

Details, Details, Details

Another easy yet overlooked maintenance task is brake and rotor replacement. Switching out break pads is as easy as watching an online tutorial and freeing up a Saturday. Anyone is capable of performing the very necessary upkeep required to keep your stopping ability on point. For optimal efficiency, it’s best to map out a schedule to inspect each element of your car.

Tires are an area you can’t afford to skimp on either. As a rule of thumb, the cheap ones are generally the cheap ones for a reason. Keep your wheels to the ground with a nice, new set of treads every year.

Wax On, Wax Off

As with much of your car’s mechanical upkeep, aesthetic upkeep is mostly related to an owner’s commitment level. A quick wash every week should be sufficient enough to maintain a nice sheen for most of the year. A bi-yearly wax is also suggested. But, in order to truly bring out your vehicle’s finest look, it’s wise to spend a day at the detailers. Sparing use of professionals is well worth the investment.

When it’s you who is applying the suds to a vehicle, it’s best to go with the known products. By sticking to the market’s reliable brands — and the rest of these tips — your car will be around for years to come.