Summer Car Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your vehicle is important at any time of the year. By making sure you properly maintain your vehicle, you can benefit in many ways. Most importantly, you are less likely to experience issues on the road or pay for costly repairs that could have been avoided. With summer now upon us, it is important to ensure you know what the basic are when it comes to summer car maintenance. We can provide some valuable tips to help ensure your vehicle continues running smoothly through the summer months.

Essential maintenance for your car during the summer

The extreme weather that we often experience in the summer can cause issues when it comes to your vehicle. In very hot weather, you need to try and keep your vehicle shaded particularly during the day. Many people have garages but don’t use them because they are cluttered or because of issues such as a broken door. Take the time to empty out the garage if it is filled with junk. If you are having garage door repair problems, get them seen to avoid such issues in summer holidays. You can then keep your car protected and shaded in your garage.

When it comes to maintenance of the vehicle, some of the steps you should take include:

Oil and filter change: If your oil and filer hasn’t been changed for a while, make sure you get it done towards the start of the summer. Extreme temperatures can put additional strain on the oil and filter, so making sure you get it changed can prove very helpful in terms of keeping your engine healthy.

· Check your fluid regularly: The hot weather can also impact on fluid levels in your vehicle. You should therefore check your fluid regularly and top up when required. This includes water for your windscreen wipers, transmission fluid, steering fluid, and coolant. This will help to ensure your engine doesn’t overheat as well as providing you with peace of mind.

· Keep an eye on your tires: The high summer temperatures can play havoc with your rubber tires. You need to make sure you keep an eye on the tires and check the air pressure on a regular basis. Again, keeping your car in a shaded area will also help to reduce any heat related damage to your tires.

· Run tests on your battery: The fluid loss that can result from hot weather can quickly affect your battery. This is why you need to test your battery during the summer otherwise you could end up with reduce battery life or total battery failure. Some garages offer free battery tests, so you can get this sorted out with speed and ease.

These are some of the key maintenance issues that you need to stay on top of during the summer months. They are relatively simple steps that could save you a huge amount of time, hassle, and even money in the long run. You can then enjoy driving in safety during the course of the summer.