3 Things to Look Out For When Renting a New Office Space

Whether you’re hunting for your very first office or browsing for a workplace upgrade, there are certain conditions which are definitely more of a necessity than a choice. For instance, location is very important. Not only do your employees need to have an easy, direct route into work, your address should represent the ambition of the company.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great options available in New Zealand. Here, high-quality office space comes in all shapes and sizes. There are conventional long-term leases, which require tenants to commit to one location for two years or more. There are also much more innovative and flexible serviced offices and they don’t ask for any lock-in agreements.

This is just one of the reasons why you should consider alternatives to conventional leasing when hunting for a new office. Keep reading for more tips and advice.

A Flashy Location

Fifty years ago, it was easier to get away with launching a business in the neighbourhood where you grew up. Back then, ‘mom and pop’ stores were all the rage and big brands didn’t always have a monopoly on the market. Nowadays, it is much harder to compete with high-flying rivals if you’re not at the heart of the action, in the retail and financial districts.

So, when you’re looking for office space, know that it’s worth investing more for a prestigious address. Investors love it when a business location wows on paper and it will convince them to give you their time. Plus, if you work with a serviced provider, it’s easy to keep costs low. All of the logistical expenses (cleaning, heating, lighting, etc.) are included in the rental fee.

Flexible Terms of Use

Over the last decade, there has been a distinct move away from rigid, lock in office leases. As businesses have grown smaller, more nimble, and increasingly flexible, perceptions of what an office should be have changed. Now, entrepreneurs want stability without compromising on their independence. They want to be able to make changes as and when it suits.

This is a very valuable asset because it’s only when businesses adapt to meet market conditions that they survive and thrive. If your industry suddenly dips and sales decline, it’s not lost profits that will be your downfall. It’s not having the ability to strip resources back elsewhere. It is just one of the reasons why flexible serviced offices are often a better option.

Extra Features

Similarly, it used to be that an office lease represented bare bones rental. With traditional leases, you get the keys to an empty space and it is yours to fill. While there are certainly advantages to building up a workspace from scratch, it can be very expensive, particularly for young businesses. Ultimately, the logistical requirements are many and each comes with its own terms.

It can be a complicated affair when you’re paying out monthly premiums to a whole roster of different suppliers. One alternative is to find a rental package which offers a comprehensive suite. Many serviced providers have a range of part and fully furnished workspaces which can be occupied within hours. They include broadband, maintenance, IT support and much more.

Why Your New Home Has to Be a Flexible One

Long gone are the days when businesses in New Zealand had to settle for unsuitable leases and unreasonable terms. The truth is that nobody can be sure exactly where they’ll be in three or four years. Even if it’s in a place of great success, as hoped, it will still require a great deal of change and scalability. So, give your business the breathing room it deserves by opting for an office with flexible terms and conditions.