Ready to Roll – 4 Steps to Getting Your Off-Road-Ready to Hit the Dirt

The wintry conditions are well and truly setting in. The days are shorter, nights are cooler, and soup is simmering on the stove. While many are dreaming of sunning themselves on beaches, there’s only one thing on the minds of off-road enthusiasts: how long until we can get back on the dirt! The long winter months are the perfect time to work on your rig to ensure it’s as ready as you are when the sun reappears and the snow starts melting. Let’s look at a few things to get you ready during the off season:

1. Can You See the Light?

Your factory headlamps are just not going to cut it in low light, twilight or night driving. This is especially true when you find yourself on back roads at night, sharing the area with wildlife who call it home. For quality of light, power efficiency, durability and a kick-butt look that will make your vehicle the envy of everyone else on and off the road, you can’t go past LED light bars as a prime option. Together with your factory headlights and a pair of aftermarket LED headlamps, you will have everything you need to stay safe and maximize your enjoyment when the sun heads towards the horizon and the trail is still throwing curveballs at you and your machine.

2. Get those wheels and tires in check

If you’re looking to head out into challenging terrain that will test both you and your vehicle’s limits, ensuring you’ve got the best wheels and tires is vital. Your tires should have plenty of tread, and your wheels should ideally be made of steel. While aluminum will cut ot for city driving, steel is far more durable and can put up with bumps and ruts along the trail with far more grit. By opting for quality wheels and tires, you’ll have no problem with traction, safety and drivability for the roads ahead.

3. Don’t Skimp on Suspension

When you’re pushing your rig through rough, bumpy country on your trip, aftermarket suspension is a must. Not only will it make your journey far more comfortable, it will ensure your vehicle is a lot healthier when you’re back on the bitumen. There are so many benefits to improving suspension; including giving your vehicle more height and clearance, improving your load-carrying capabilities and offering more control over your wheel and tire footprint.

4. Protect your vehicle’s body

No one likes seeing their vehicle get damaged, not even when you’re having the time of your life with friends on a four-wheel driving jaunt! To protect the value of your vehicle going forward, it’s recommended that you invest in vehicle body protection. This could come in the form of bull bars, side steps, rear bars and underbody protection plates.

Underbody plates are one of the most effective methods of protection, as they reduce the risk of rocks, ruts and other obstacles puncturing vital components in the underbelly of your vehicle. One small investment could save you thousands of dollars in major repairs further down the line!

Offroading weather is almost upon us, we just have to make it through winter! With little else to do but rug up from the cold, there’s no time like the present to organize your next big trip! Dust off the old truck, gather your friends, and get all your gear ready for the excitement and challenging roads ahead!