What are different kinds of shower drains?

You can prevent a tragedy from happening in your house by installing the right shower drain for the kind of shower you have in your bathroom. Mold can grow underneath the shower if there is a leak. This is why having the right drain is crucially important.

Material and construction of shower helps you to make the right choice. Construction of unit’s floor determine the drain you select. Consider the type of shower being installed before choosing the drain. You can always consult plumbers to get a better idea. Nevertheless, here are different kind of shower drains one must want to consider:

Multiple piece shower drain

These are the most complex type available in the market however are used in conjunction with the simplest shower stalls. These drain consists of rubber compression gasket, strainer, a brass locking ring, threaded drain body, flange, washer and a securing nut. The parts are placed accordingly to secure the drain into place. Multiple piece shower drains are popular amongst homeowners due to the functionality and usability it offers.

Three-piece drain

Since the construction is same, three piece drains can be used as floor drains. The tiled shower is attached to a shower pan for protection of wooden subfloor from getting rotted or moldy. You can make adjustments according to the thickness of tile on shower floor. Since they are difficult to use, it is recommendable for only a professional to install a three piece shower drain. A novice may not be able to seal all parts of the drain. This may damage the subfloor due to leaks.

Single-piece drain

This is the simplest of all drains in term of installation. Single piece drain are utilized with tiled shower bases installed over a subfloor made of concrete. The concrete do not get damaged from leaks unlike wood. The drain consists of a strainer clamped into recessed part of a pipe socket. The pipe sets into the socket and strainer is secured to the top using screws.

These were the three most common example of shower drains. But there is a lot more to choosing the best option in the market. We live in an era where consumerism is at its peak. Businesses are introducing new products in the market which have given end consumers a wide variety of options. When it comes to shower drains, the same rule applies.

There is a huge variety a homeowner can choose from. Here are two basic points that every purchaser must keep in mind:

  • Reputation of the brand. You must go for reputable and well-known brands selling shower drains. E.C.T Shower Drain is one clear example. Reputation ensures that the brand is selling good quality and the solutions provided will have positive effect.