7 Maintenance Tips for Heavy Construction Machinery

Keeping your machinery safe from damage is not as easy as it may seem to be. There are loads of things to look at from wheels to axles and right up to the engine. Here are some quick tips on how you can keep your heavy-duty machinery safe and free from damage. If nothing works out, get the maintenance guys to come over and give it a look!

1. Keep It Clean Everyday

Keep your machines clean. This includes having them washed regularly, keeping them dusted and dry and more. Sometimes, pieces of dry earth and soil happen to stick to the parts and cause unnecessary friction, disturbing the mechanism and reducing the life of the machine.

2. Look For Wear And Tear

Machinery often develops wear and tear that can severely damage specific parts of it. Look for signs of damage in the vehicle especially in the wheels, engine and other parts like the exhaust system. If wear and tear occur, immediately put the vehicle off service and get the maintenance guys to do the job.

3. Inspect The Fluids And Locate The Leaks

Replace the fuel and other fluids in the vehicle regularly. You may not notice it but sometimes, outdated fluids hamper the performance of the vehicle and cause internal problems. Try to keep the wires covered and replace the cover after certain periods of time. If leaks are detected, it is important to get the vehicle to the mechanic for repairs without any delay. Serious consequences such as fires may arise out of the same.

4. Down And Below

Check under the vehicle properly. Is everything fine? Very often, people manage to forget to check what’s on the underneath of their heavy-duty vehicles. If there is a lump of mud or just anything stuck to the axle or a part which is causing friction, it could spell long term trouble for your machine. Get down under the truck and clean it all off so that the journey is smooth and so is the life of your vehicle.

5. Call The Maintenance Guys

You should never forget the regular servicing your machinery needs. Make it a point to follow the routine for check-ups and call the maintenance guys on time. When buying construction machinery from Europe, some firms offer you the opportunity of establishing a contract based on which the company is liable to service your machinery after certain periods of time. This is probably the best way to keep things in check and to keep your vehicle maintained.

6. Well Trained Employees To Do The Job Well

Train your employees properly. If you do not hire untrained employees, try to get only those who have some experience in operating earth moving machinery. Untrained personnel can be fatal for the engines and may cause you to pay unnecessarily large amounts of money on repairs. Ideally, allow your employees to be on probation for a certain period before they can work full time on a full salary.

7. Follow The Training Manual Regularly

It is often noted that machinery gets spoilt because workers aren’t treating it the way it is meant to be used. Training is an important part of maintenance. Companies often publish newer manuals for the maintenance and care of their machinery. Let your workers be thorough with the practices expected of them and stick strictly to the prescribed manual. Following the training manual should be part of the monthly practice. Sometimes, you may opt to retrain workers to update them with the newest and most recent practices.

As you see, it isn’t everybody’s cup of tea to keep these monster machines running. It takes a lot of hard work to keep the wheels running smooth and that trouble must be taken by you. Go ahead and keep your vehicle clean and up to the mark and it shall reward you with the highest levels of service you could ask for!