Pick The Right Professional For Your Next Home Improvement

When planning a home improvement, you should never be impatient and hire the first contractor that you talk to over the phone. Find out why you should try your hardest to look for reliable professionals and how you can make a solid choice.

Homeowners need to be aware of contractor license requirements so that they can be sure that the work will be done safely— ignoring this factor could lead to dangers, especially with tasks like electrical rewiring or gas fitting. Some jobs that may not be immediately dangerous should still be completed by professionals with years of training under their tool belts. For example, window and door replacement can technically be done by a handy person but they are more likely to make mistakes. It would be wiser to turn to a dedicated company like Casa Bella Windows & Doors because they have over six decades of experience — in that time they have installed over five million custom windows and doors for homeowners. They will have a team of bonded, insured and licensed professionals that are familiar with the products.

Most homeowners are unaware that they are taking a big risk with their finances and their property when they hire the wrong contractor. The consequences can range from overpaying for deposits to being liable for uninsured injuries and work completed without permits. A recent survey revealed that home improvement contractors aren’t being asked for credentials or proof that they can reliably complete the jobs — approximately seventy-four percent say that they are never asked to show their skilled trade license, while fifty-nine say that they aren’t asked details about worker’s compensation.A lot of people ignore these background checks because the contractor seems like they are trustworthy and hard-working. Owners should put more faith in confirmed qualifications than kind interactions or warm personalities.

Owners should start by asking potential contractors if they have the right certifications and licenses to legally and competently tackle the improvements they are being hired to do. They should then check with licensing boards and trade schools to confirm that they did not lie. After the owners review the expert’s qualifications, they should research to see if they have accrued a negative reputation — they should check consumer beware lists in case the experts have major complaints from past clients and browse the Consumer Protection Act to see if they have previous charges or convictions. Here is a short list of other suggestions to help you confirm that your contractor is the real deal:

  • Ask for a minimum of three references
  • Contact the references and ask detailed questions
  • Check to see if they are covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

It’s good to trust your instincts when you feel like the contractor is trying to take advantage of you — demanding high down payments and brushing off background questions are red flags that should catch your attention. When you do your research and follow your gut, you should have a positive experience with the renovation.