5 Reasons to Buy an Isuzu Truck

There are lots of trucks out there. Choosing the one to buy is a difficult choice that not all can make correctly. However, if you take our choice, we recommend getting an Isuzu truck. These strong reliable vehicles that Isuzu’s fleet is made up of provide the best service and most appreciable reliability that the roads have ever seen. In this article we’ll highlight some of our favorite picks from the general personalities of Isuzu trucks.

1. Excellent Payload

Lots of people complain that their trucks cannot carry a large payload. With Isuzu, you won’t have to bother about that problem. Each truck is built to accommodate maximum payload and that in turn, reduces the number of trips that one must make to deliver a consignment. It also translates into lesser fuel consumption and longer life of your truck which would drastically reduce costs for the company or individual concerned. It also allows for a lesser carbon footprint and a better environment for all of us. All Isuzu trucks have been appreciated by various units for their brilliant capacities.

2. The Award-Winning CARE Programme

Isuzu is the only truck manufacturer in the UK to offer the unique CARE programme. It is in the ideology of the firm that the customers concerned deserve the very best in service and complete value for what they pay. Therefore, all Isuzu customers are automatically included in the CARE programme, where a Customer Care Liaison Executive contacts the customer after certain periods of time to ensure that the truck purchased is working fine. For many customers, getting back to the companies they made the purchase from seems difficult, but with Isuzu, they approach you first and help you solve all problems easily.

3. Low Cost Of Ownership

Isuzu trucks offer impeccable service, but not for a sky-high price. All Isuzu trucks are competitively priced and are still better than their contemporaries from other manufacturers. They offer the possibility of making a wonderful investment for a business that requires the use of trucks. Additionally, a range of flexible financing options are provided to ensure that the cost of the truck is not too hard on a firm’s exchequer. A customer may always also sign up for a fixed repair and maintenance contract with Isuzu’s dedicated R&M team which guaranteed lifelong protection for the truck. Other benefits like insurance policy cover can also be obtained.

4. Compact Footprint

The design of Isuzu vehicles is a compact cab design to facilitate use by multi-drop delivery firms. The cabs are lower to the ground and are therefore more accessible for customers and clients alike. The shorter design also makes it easy for the truck to be driven around difficult terrain. For example, it can be taken around a sharp bend or through narrow lanes in the countryside which are otherwise inaccessible for larger trucks. Isuzu trucks are reliable on mountain roads where steep bends and narrow roads rising from steep rocky gorges below are a common occurrence. If you do have a business which requires you to send the trucks up the hill, we’re sure you’ll choose wisely.

5. Reliability And Service

Isuzu trucks are very reliable. All the trucks are products of innovative engineering, inspired by the very principles of the organization. They come with the ability to be used on all and any terrain and can withstand long periods of strain with their powerful engines. All trucks come with a three-year full warranty across the entire range offered – from 3.5 tons to 12 tons GVW. If you face any problem with your truck after the purchase, all you must do is contact the store or wait for the liaison officer to call you through the CARE programme. After all, serving clients is not everybody’s task.

Choosing the right truck has its benefits. It decides how long your vehicle shall live and how well it shall survive in the competition. Trucks sometimes need to go to places where normal cars wouldn’t venture, and even certain trucks would fail. If you wish to be smart about your investment, in terms of trucks, choose Isuzu.