5 Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance Tips

A heavy truck is the one which is constructed in such a way that it will stay efficient for a long period of time. For example, MAN Tgx is a heavy-duty truck with extremely affordable operational costs and incredible fuel efficiency.

Now, the heavy-duty trucks obviously come with excellent properties, but it does not mean that their maintenance can be overlooked.

If you want your truck to be operating at its best, just like it was on its first day, given below are a few tips to maintain your heavy-duty truck to make the best out of it:

1. Lubricate Regularly

Proper lubrication is a very important part when it comes to maintenance of any vehicle. In order to remove the old lubricant, it is very important to add sufficient amount of new lubricant because it helps get rid of dirt and other waste materials, making the truck effective. If you do this on a regular basis, your truck will surely perform better with very high efficiency.

2. Take Care of Brakes

Brakes are very important part of any vehicle as it is required for the safety.

A problem in the brake system can even lead to brake failure which will cost a heavy penalty for you. So, it is recommended to take extra care of the brake system of your heavy-duty truck by putting them into maintenance phase on a regular basis. Also, do not forget about the brake drums and check them too regularly.

3. Keep it Clean

If you want your truck to give best performance, then try to keep it neat and clean as much as possible. This is because, it will be easier to detect the problems only when the truck will be clean enough to notice the minute things even. Though it can be very difficult to wash the truck very often and that’s why it is highly recommended to keep the truck clean and wash it regularly every four to six weeks.

4. Proper Air Pressure

Truck tires are very costly. So, it is always better to try to stay on the safe side. Before travelling, always make sure that the tires have proper air pressure. Servicing the truck tires with a recommended amount of air pressure ensures that they will last for a long period of time.

5. Focus on Filters

Any vehicle performance largely depends on the filters.

So, they should be checked on a regular basis. It is generally recommended to change them every 20,000 kilometers. If your oil engine contains two filters and if you want good results, then change both at the same time. Air filters too need to be monitored regularly.

Both air and fuel filters are equally important for maintaining an effective engine. So, replace them as per requirement and do not overlook.

Your truck’s long life as well as efficiency entirely depends on your care and servicing of the truck.

Continuous use of it without any maintenance can completely ruin your truck. On the other hand, regular maintenance of the truck can bring you far better results, much more than your expectation.

So, do not think to skip the maintenance phase due to huge time consumption or cost issues as it will really cost you largely, beyond your imagination. But, if you try to maintain it on a regular basis in spite of facing the hardship, then later on you will realize that it was really important as it’ll worth it.

So, if you keep these simple and easy tips in mind, then you can save your truck from a lot of big issues.