Getting a Vehicle Special Ordered vs. Sticking to Dealer

Factory ordering a vehicle and purchasing from the dealer lot or inventory are two different ways of purchasing a vehicle. Buying a vehicle from the dealer’s lot means that you select from all the vehicles that are physically present at the dealership, and purchase the one that you like. 

The method pertaining to factory ordering a vehicle requires you to go to the dealership and order a vehicle that has features built specifically according to your preference. The dealer will then put in that order to the factory and you will have to wait for the vehicle to arrive so that you can buy it. 

Differences between the Two 

One of the biggest differences between the two ways of purchasing a car is the packaging. The vehicles that dealerships order to fill their inventory usually come with mid-level packaging and trims. This means that they order trim levels and models that fall in the middle of the base and high-end renditions. By doing this, dealerships can avoid spending too much and too little money on their lot. 

Many car buyers come to dealerships looking for cars that have features and specifications which reflect their particular requirements. Therefore sticking to the dealer means that you have to pick between a very generic package and a line of mid-range cars. This means that consumers will have to compromise on their preferred specs and options unless they luckily land on the perfect vehicle. 

Pros and cons of Factory Ordering 

Factory ordering a vehicle provides you with exactly what you need in terms of the vehicle. It allows you to order your favorite vehicle and also install it with a panoramic sunroof, better sound system, 12-inch screen, and other available installations that the dealer will usually not order.   

Some types of vehicles come with numerous different options and configurations that a dealer can’t stock them all. You may have a difficult time finding the right option installed on your car from the lot, and special ordering the vehicle may be the only solution to this problem. 

However, factory ordering a vehicle involves a troublesome wait time. Depending on the vehicle, manufacturer, and geographical location, the wait time for your vehicle can extend to weeks and maybe even longer. Most of the time, the manufacturing unit is at a very distant location from the dealer and this results in an extensively long wait time for the car.

Another con when it comes to factory ordering the vehicle has to do with rebates. Rebates can sometimes be a gamble for car owners. Nonetheless, they can also remain very steady throughout the year. 

Ideal Ways to Factory Order a Vehicle 

One of the great ways to factory order a vehicle is by using a good vehicle builder. An excellent vehicle builder provides you with a streamlined and seamless interface to custom build a vehicle on the dealers’ website. A vehicle builder app allows you to efficiently transition from online showroom catalogs and share your build session to the dealer. 

It is also important that you understand the total vehicle price so that you can prepare better for the MSRP. The next important thing is to find the right dealership. Make sure that you are working with a good dealership that wants to take your order and provides you with affordability and accessibility.

The next thing that you have to do is get your purchase price. The dealer may tell you that they cannot get you a price because rebates are changing. Instead of worrying too much about rebates, you need to inform them that you are not worried about the rebates. 

Usually, people think that buying a vehicle from the dealer instead of factory ordering it will provide them with a better deal. This is not entirely true. When you purchase something from the dealer’s lot, you have to keep in mind that the vehicle has can be sitting on the dealership avenue for a long time. 

The longer a stock car stays on the dealership, the more it becomes subject to rot and wear, and as a response, the dealer starts to discount the price of the car. This also depends on the brand of the car. Typically, if the vehicle has been sitting at the dealership for a long time, this means that you will get that vehicle at a much discounted rate. 

Final Words 

Overall, if you do not mind the wait time, then special ordering a car from the factory is the way to go. Otherwise, if you have your heart set on a car sitting at the dealership, and you, fortunately, have found one that you exactly desire, then you should opt for a better deal from the lot. Contrary to popular belief, the car dealer may also offer you a better deal on special factory orders. This is because it may be ridding them of the burdens of keeping the car in their inventory. 

Written by Alan Parker