Diverse Types of Car Tires

There is no denying the fact that almost everyone around us loves cars, the thrill one gets when cruising at acceptable high speeds on the highways and the sound of tires squeaking over the roads. Blood rushing, that is the word that best describes the feeling when all car lovers get when enjoying a smooth and fast drive. Numerous car parts have to be in optimum condition to ensure that you have a safe drive such as well-functioning brakes, working headlights, enough fuel, good tires and a finely tuned engine and suspensions.

One aspect that many people need to pay more attention is the type and condition of the tires on their cars. Tires offer reliability and stability on the road as it is the car part that is always in contact with all types of road surfaces. If you are looking for the largest source of car performance parts in Canada, try TDot Performance. Having the correct set of tires on your car will ensure that you are safe as well as saving your fuel. There are several types of tires designed for specific weather and terrain, and it is imperative to identify the best tires for your car.

1. All-weather tires

This type of rubber tires is specifically designed to remain flexible in both cold and warm weather. The tire threads offer additional stability when driving in snow and water, which ensures all-weather tires provide high handling capabilities in all weather conditions.

2. Low Profile Tires

These tires are designed to have slightly smaller sidewall than other regular sized tires for their tire size. Typically, tires that have an aspect ratio below 50 are considered low-profile tires. These types have better handling and performance capabilities than regular or larger tires due to their better gripping of the road surface. You also have the advantage of buying larger and more beautiful rims.

3. All-Terrain Tires

These are the best tires to use if you drive on both off-road and highways regularly. They have tighter threading that enhances its performance on highway and city roads. When it comes to off-road travels, all-terrain tires perform best on sandy and rocky conditions.

4. Mud Tires

These are tires specifically created to perform superbly in muddy roads while maintaining high driving and handling capabilities. They can also be used on rocky and unpacked snow terrains. These are the best set of tires to use if you tend to travel off-road and where the terrain changes frequently. The tires are wide and have heavy blocked threads, which make them perfect for off-road trips, but dangerous when driven on highways and city roads due to a reduced grip of the road surface.

5. High-Performance Tires

These are usually low-profile tires, but with larger thread blocks to enhance the tire’s grip and dry traction. They are mostly found on sport sedans and sports cars because they can handle corners and high speeds exceptionally well.

You should make sure your car has the correct set of tires to ensure you arrive safely at your destination as you enjoy driving your car despite the terrain you are on.