ICOs Present the Future of Fundraising

In case you are looking for the hugest cryptocurrency trend today, it may be advisable to check Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). The concept of preselling coins of a token or cryptocurrency of a blockchain project has changed to become a fascinating, effective tool to collect money for the advancement of another application.

Cloud Token ICO – Current Most Interesting Ongoing Initial Coin Offering

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What Initial Coin Offering Entails

ICO is Initial Coin Offering abbreviation. It signifies that a person provides some units of a new crypto-token or cryptocurrency to investors. This is in exchange of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

From 2013, ICOs are frequently utilized to finance the growth of new cryptocurrencies. It is easy to sell the pre-created token and trade it on all exchanges for cryptocurrency if demand exists for them. When Ethereum ICO is successful, it is increasingly used to finance the growth of a project for crypto by providing token, which is incorporated into the project.

This has made ICO turn into a tool, which could transform not only the currency but also the entire financial system. It is possible for ICO token to become tomorrow’s shares and securities.

ICO History

Perhaps Ripple was the initial cryptocurrency that was allocated by an ICO. At the beginning of 2013, Ripple Labs began to improve the Ripple known as payment system and formed about 100 billion XRP token. The firm sold these tokens to finance the advancement of Ripple platform.

Afterwards in 2013, a promise was made by Mastercoin to form a layer atop Bitcoin so as to implement smooth contracts as well as tokenize Bitcoin transactions.

A million Mastercoin token was sold by the developer against Bitcoin and obtained about $1mio. Other numerous cryptocurrences have been financed with ICO, for instance, Lisk. In 2016, it traded its coins for about $5mio.

Ethereum is the most prominent, however. In the middle of 2014, Ethereum Foundation traded ETH against 0.0005 Bitcoin each. Using this they obtained almost $20mio making it among the hugest crowdfunding ever and functions as the main foundation for the advancement of Ethereum. Since Ethereum itself provided smart contracts power, it paved the way for another Initial Coin Offering generation.

Ethereum – Crowdfunding Machine for ICO

Among the simplest application for smart contract system for Ethereum is forming an uncomplicated token that can be transacted on Ethereum blockchain, rather than Ether. This type of contract was regularized with ERC#20.

It led to Ethereum hosting a huge range of ICO and it is safe to conclude that Ethereum discovered its Killer App as a shared platform for fundraising and crowdfunding.

It made Ethereum host of such a wide scope of ICO that you can safely say that Ethereum found its Killer App as a distributed platform for crowdfunding and fundraising.

The DAO has been the most outstanding demonstration of Ethereum smart contracts potential. The allocated investment firm was driven with Ether valued at $100 million. In exchange, the investors obtained Ether Dao Token that presented their personal market cost and permitted the holder to take part in DAO governance.

The idea of financing projects with Ethereum token turned into a design for a generation that was new and very successful in regard to crowdfunding projects. It is very simple to invest in token using Ethereum. You move ETH then paste the contract inside your wallet. The token then becomes visible in your account and you can move them according to your preference.

Successful Ethereum ICOs are:

  • Melonport
  • Augur
  • Golem
  • Singular DTV
  • Digix DAO
  • First Blood

Each month presents dozens of ICO, which discover new and imaginative methods of linking the token with the application and to power smart contracts to include extra features to these tokens.

This trend’s potential is enormous. With ICO, each person and firm is able to effortlessly provide tradable tokens to collect money. It can be utilized to totally restructure securities and shares financial system. It does not only decentralize cash but stock formation and trade.


ICO token is not traded as a financial asset, rather, as a digital good, similar to a lot of other things. This is the reason ICO is normally referred to as ‘crowd sale.’

In this regard, in majority of jurisdiction, there is no regulation in financing with an ICO. This makes it very simple and paperless, as a lawyer is available, who has experience in this matter.

Some of the Best ICO today and in future


Ripple Labs formed 100 billion XRP token that work as a mechanism for anti-spam in Ripple payment network, since you need to submit payment of your network in XRP. Ripple Labs sell XRP and their value changes, and the trend is more inclined to go downwards. It began with about 5,000 Satoshi; at times it went lower than 1,000 Satoshi, rose above 7,000 and eventually reduced again to 600 Satoshi prior to increasing again to 3,000.


In 2013, Next was formed, which is a new generation cryptocurrency. To begin with, the tokens of 1 billion were sold to people who invested early. Using ICO, developers just obtained double digits quantity of Bitcoins. Nowadays, the NXT token are valued a lot more and Next has turned into a cryptocurrency which is moderately strong and successful.


In 2013, Mastercoin declared it would form a layer atop Bitcoin and traded token of Mastercoin to investors. The developers obtained about 10,000 Bitcoin, which is currently worth almost $2.5 million.

Months after this, Mastercoin token became valuable and a number of investors reaped big profits. Afterwards, Mastercoin combined with Omni and Counterparty.


Ethereum created the hugest ICO. Ethereum Foundation had a presale of about 60mio ETH and collected about 31500 Bitcoin. This event has turned into among the hugest crowdfunding ever and the beginning of an extremely successful cryptocurrency. ETH-presale investors made great profits.


Lisk is founded on BitShares and is a Blockchain which is JavaScript written. It allows sidechains smart contracts. Coins for Bitcoins were sold and about $5mio was received.

Hot Past Etherium token ICO

Majority of ICO have previously been limited to creating another cryptocurrency. However, Ethereum smart contracts allow startups to also utilize ICOs to finance development. Majority of them are collaborating with Etherium itself.