Car Maintenance Must-Dos To Help Avoid Accidents

Auto accidents are dangerous and can cause major injuries to all parties involved. While the way one drives is a large factor in avoiding auto accidents, there is also some necessary maintenance that should be performed to decrease your risk of an accident. Let’s take a look at what these are below.

Check Tire Tread Depth

You should regularly check the tread depth of your tires to ensure they are at an optimal level. When you are driving in ice, snow, and rain the tires require that extra grip to keep you on the road. If you drive on bald tires, it can greatly reduce your ability to slow down quickly and could even cause a blowout.

Check Tire Pressure

While you are checking your tread depth, you should be checking the tire pressure as well. If you run your tires below the manufacturer’s recommendation, you risk damage to the tire as well as potential blowouts. You should take the time to regularly check your tire pressure, especially in the winter months as the cold air can cause the pressure to decrease.

Check Tires For Unnatural Wear

If there is a problem with your vehicle’s alignment, it is very likely the tires will wear at an unnatural pace. You should be looking for any cupping of the tires and also for any cords that are starting to pop through.

Replace Worn Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers aren’t something we think about often. Rather, these components only pop into our minds when we need to use them in the rain or snow. If your wipers are tearing apart or you see streaks going across the windshield, that means it is time to replace your wiper blades. This is fairly simple to do and if you are not familiar with the process, you can go to a local shop to get them replaced.

Check Your Lights

Do you know if one of the brake lights is out on your car? The answer is probably no. When is the last time that you checked your lights? If you are like most drivers, the answer to that question would be never. Don’t solely rely on your mechanic to check your lights during regular maintenance checkups. You should be testing your lights every month or so to ensure they are working properly.

Top Off Your Fluids

You should be topping off your fluids regularly to ensure there are no leaks. These include tranny fluid, windshield washer fluid, antifreeze, and brake fluid. If you notice that your brake fluid has gone down drastically from the last time you added some, it’s best to have your mechanic look for a leak. This can prevent you from unknowingly running out in the future and causing an accident.

Check Your Brake Pads For Wear

Your brakes are an essential component of your vehicle that you need to ensure always work. You should monitor the wear on your brake pads to verify there is always enough pad left. If you let the brake pads get too low, it can cause difficulty slowing down and lead to massive damage to your rotors. This can result in expensive repair bills in the future and can lead to a tragic auto accident that could’ve been prevented.

Take the time to perform or have someone else perform maintenance to your vehicle. If you knowingly avoid necessary maintenance measures, you could be found liable for a car accident. If you were injured in a car accident due to the other driver’s neglect for their vehicle, you should contact a representative from Ladah Law Firm, PLLC, as soon as possible.