Nokia slides out two 3G phones

Finnish phone firm Nokia is having a bash at being fashion conscious again and today release two 3G slider phones.

The Nokia 6700 slide and the Nokia 7230 are, according to the company, “made for the design conscious c

onsumer and optimized for socializing and sharing.”

The phones won’t be available until the first quarter of next year, and prices will be around $150 for the 7230 a

nd $240 for the 6700 slide.

The 6700 comes in six colors – pink, red, petrol blue, aluminum, lime and purple. It includes a Carl Zeiss five megapixel camera.

The 7230 includes a 3.2 megapixel camera, a 2.4-inch display and also supports 3G.

Nokia clearly wants to set its stake in the land called fashion conscious. At a conference in Paris recently, the CEO admitted that the Apple iPhone was clearly one of its biggest competitors, particularly so in the USA.