Newest App Trends to Watch

The world of apps seems to change by the day. Every new innovation in the field opens the door to another one, leading to exponential changes that would have seemed beyond the realm of dreams just a few years ago.

By the time you read this article, the trends in apps may have changed and changed back again; that’s how fast things move in the world of technology. Keeping track of these developments isn’t easy, but it’s a must for those looking to stay ahead, in terms of using apps for both work and play.

Teens understand how quickly this world moves, which is why marketers always keep them in mind. MDG Advertising recently highlighted this phenomenon by identifying 10 Hugely Popular Apps with Teens. Meanwhile, the adult world should keep an eye out for these growing trends.

Going Beyond Mobile

Most people think of apps as the things that they bring up on their cell phones to either pass the time or help them get from Point A to Point B. But apps are increasingly being utilized in other settings. Smart homes are becoming more and more popular, and applications for these computer-savvy abodes are abounding. Virtual assistants are also showing up in many homes, and developers are taking advantage of that fact to find new ways to entertain and inform people. Everything from the televisions you watch to the cars you drive is being fitted with apps to improve the experience. So apps aren’t just for the small screen anymore.

Virtual Insanity

All right, that header may have been a sneaky way to get in a Jamiroquai reference. But it is true that the world of virtual reality has infiltrated the app world. The monster success of Pokémon Go has inspired app developers looking for the next big thing that will locate the link between the real world and the virtual world. Demonstrating that link to users in new and exciting ways is one of the fascinating recent trends in the app world.

Instant Gratification

We’ve all been there: You look through the app store and find something interesting, decide to download it, and then lose interest or get distracted before the thing is ready to go. Developers have found a way around this with new technology that allows apps to be instantly downloaded. Web Apps and Instant Apps are two of the most recent developments in this field, and both allow users to experience what the specific app is offering without the normal wait for a download. In a world where time is always of the essence, this technology is hard to resist.

Security Features

The possibility of phones, cars or even homes being hacked for nefarious purposes is one of the scarier byproducts of the latest technology. App developers are taking such concerns away from users by building security features into their apps so that people can enjoy them with the peace of mind that their experience will be a safe one.