New Apple ad for iPhone leaked to web

The furniture will be flying in Cupertino as Apple’s latest ad for the iPhone has somehow found its way onto the web.

While like all right-thinking people, we obviously hang on Apple’s every word for news of the latest wonderments coming our way real soon now and often spend all night camping outside the local Apple Store to be the first to get our hands on the latest and greatest shiny object with questionable reliability, battery life and functionality, we really love Apple’s ads more than its products.

For they promote a fabulous lifestyle that mere mortals using tawdry Windows PCs and non-trendy mobile phones can only dream of. One day, I really will buy an iPhone. I owe it to myself.

But Apple’s famously-tight security over new product rumor and announcements seems to have failed big time in this case and a top-level investigation is no doubt already under way. 

Watch the ad before it gets pulled by the Cupertino Thought Police.