Zut alors! Facebook launches translation service

Facebook has developpé un service – Translations for Facebook Connect – qui lets web developers translate leurs sites into autres langues.

Le free tool est based on Facebook’s solution pour its own site, qui it opened to its users in Janvier last year. Le application translated le entire Facebook site into French et Spanish in just 24 heurs pour French et deux semaines pour Spanish.

Dans un company blog, Cat Lee dit: “For example, with Translations for Facebook Connect, country tourist boards or travel sites that want to attract foreign visitors on holiday can use this framework to translate their sites and automatically present the content to users in their native language after they log in with Facebook Connect.”

Le actual translation peut be carried out par le Facebook community – comme le Facebook site – or avec le developer’s own administrator.

Le Developer Wiki explique how to get started. Dit Cat Lee: “You can start integrating Translations for Facebook Connect into your site with an HTML file and a few lines of JavaScript in less than an hour.”