New Android games make use of freemium model

Tap Tap Revenge 4 – free to download, money to expand.

Now that Google’s Android platform finally makes it easy for developers to offer additional content at a nickel-and-diming structure, developers are all over the idea of freemium games. That is, games that don’t cost anything up front but will start bilking players after they get addicted.

This is a big update for Android, as the lack of an in-app payment service has steered some developers away from the Google platform and onto iOS, where Apple has had a strong microtransaction process set up for a long time.

The new service means users who download a game and want to buy new add-ons, or those who get a sports tracking app and want to add new services, will be able to do so in a much more user-friendly way. Until now, developers either had to offer separate versions of their apps with different price points, or direct users to their own websites and process transactions that way.

This has been one of the most requested features from developers, and it’s nice to see it’s finally on its way.