George Lucas says 2D to 3D is like B&W to color

George Lucas is very bullish on the market for 3D movies.

He says the transition from 2D to 3D is going to be just as important as when media started to shift from black-and-white to color.

That’s what he said during a discussion at a trade show called CinemaCon in Las Vegas. Lucas was participating in a roundtable with James Cameron and Dreamworkd CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg. All are figureheads for the new 3D takeover.

Lucas’s comments echo exactly what Cameron said last year, pointing out that once you watch a 3D movie, watching something in 2D seems outdated. Even though not all movies will be spectacularly awesome in 3D, after a while the cost of producing a 3D film will go down and it will just be the norm.

Lucas is currently in the middle of re-touching all six of his Star Wars movies to be rescreened in movie theaters across the country, in 3D. This time will be different, as the films will be presented in true chronological order, starting with Episode I and ending with Episode VI.