Netflix Android app kinda sorta sees the light of day

Netflix has created an Android app for use on a prototype LG smartphone called the Revolution.

It hasn’t been released, but someone who had his hands on one of the prototypes managed to extract everything from the phone, including the Netflix app.

It wasn’t long before he posted the entire system dump online and someone was able to pull out the Netflix app on its own. And it actually works…well, at least part of it works.

Unfortunately, the part that doesn’t work is the video streaming part. Users can log into their accounts and it does connect online. All of that works. Users can even add titles to their queue directly from it.

However, try to stream a video and an error message will load, saying the app “could not reach the Netflix service.”

Now there’s a question as to whether this is a problem with the app or something on Netflix’s back end. When this app does go live on certain Android phones, will the leaked app work? That’s still unknown.

Netflix hasn’t released a Netflix app for Android yet, because of a two-pronged problem with the operating system dealing with hardware fragmentation and DRM concerns.

Nevertheless, this is the most official Netflix thing on Android. And it does actually have some uses.