Report: Hacker pwns and owns PS3 firmware 3.60

A PS3 hacker known as Winocm has reportedly cracked Sony’s latest Playstation 3 firmware update less than a week after it was released. 

Indeed, 3.60 was apparently pwned and owned just days after graf_chokolo (aka Alexander Egorenkov) seemed to concur that Sony had once again managed to secure the PS3 with the new firmware patch.

“Fail0verflow made a mistake by saying that PS3 will never be secure again,” graf_chokolo wrote on his blog.

“And Sony proved them wrong. Sony knows a lot more about their system than any PS3 hacker.”

Interestingly enough, Winocm is refusing to release the crack into the wild due to Sony’s recent legal crackdown against hackers like graf_chokolo and GeoHot.

As expected, Winocm’s refusal to publish the jailbreak has led a number of YouTube viewers to speculate that 3.60 remains secure and untouched.

“Why dont you reply? We all know you’re using 3.55 CFW, spoofed 3.60 and then use blackbox ftp to change the ICON.PNG of a regular savefile to match online Storage icon, and edited the PARAM to match the description of a real online storage,” wrote macrochipsGT5.

“If this is a true video and really hacked, then make another [one]. This time not only showing, but also opening the online storage media. If we see what we were supposed to see, then you’re legit. If not, you fuc*** with the PNG, param.”