Motorola interested in Windows Phone deal

Motorola seems almost a bit jealous of Nokia’s sweetheart Windows Phone deal with Microsoft.

The high-profile manufacturer, which has risen to stardom in the Android world thanks to its top-selling Droid phone, has Google’s mobile OS to thank for keeping the Motorola brand new and relevant.

However, company CEO Sanjay Jha was surprisingly unfaithful to the platform that earned him millions, while speaking at a technology conference in Boston.

Jha was quoted by The Inquirer as saying, “I think we’re completely open to the notion of Windows as a platform. I would have to consider whether defocusing from Android to Windows will be the right thing for us to do, but if the capabilities on Windows are such that that is the right thing for us, I think we will consider it.”

It sounds kind of like Jha is trying to poke Microsoft into offering it the same kind of deal it did with Nokia. Of course, the fact that future Nokia phones will run Windows Phone software could be a huge boost for both Microsoft and Nokia.

“Nokia seems to be disproportionately well positioned in that ecosystem. I actually don’t understand that deal with precision, but if our position in that ecosystem could be made to be somewhat equivalent, that would be an interesting option for us to consider,” he said.

Although the Droid was a huge success for Motorola, once that phone became old news, Motorola hasn’t been able to keep up. Its mobile phone division reported a $31 million loss in the most recent quarter.

Additionally, the company’s ambitious Xoom tablet has not sold as well as many Android fans had hoped. So it’s not surprising that Motorola would start eying other options.