Denis Leary talks Spider-Man

Okay, okay, we’ve read and heard these kinds of press junket interviews a million times. So and so was so wonderful to work with. This movie’s going to be the greatest thing ever. So and so is such a genius.

Seriously, what’s anyone really going to say before a movie comes out? It’s a piece of sh*t and I wouldn’t pay a dime to see it myself?


Still, with this in mind, at a recent press junket, Denis Leary, who’s playing George Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man, raved about Andrew Garfield’s stellar performance as the famous web spinner in the eagerly awaited film.


As Access Hollywood reports, Denis Leary has said, “I loved Andrew, I really loved him. I think he’s great. He’s terrific in the role. He’s really just a terrific actor.”

Leary also had high praise for Garfield and Gwen Stacy actress Emma Stone’s professionalism on the shoot. 

“They’re very incredibly talented and really (expletive) professional. I mean she’s 22 years old. I don’t want to tell you what I was doing at 22 years old. I was very impressed by her.”


Funny enough, Leary also said, “I’m more of a Batman guy, (not the 60’s version), I like the really dark Batman. My wife was a Spider-Man nut, which is why I went to (see) the Tobey Maguire ones. I have a good friend (Curb Your Enthusiasm’s) Jeff Garlin, who is a Spider-Man freak. He was the first guy that said to me, ‘First time I met you, I thought you were George Stacy.'”


The Amazing Spider-Man definitely has a lot to prove. The team of Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst left the series, and Sony went ahead without him with director Marc Webb, who has only made one other previous film, (500) Days of Summer. (Alvin Sargent, the Academy Award winning screenwriter of Ordinary People who also worked on all three Spider-Man films, also worked on the new Spider-Man along with Zodiac screenwriter James Vanderbilt, and Harry Potter screenwriter Steve Kloves.)


Sony has already set the release date for the Amazing Spider-Man sequel, and it’s due on May 2, 2014, but first things first. The Amazing Spider-Man, which will also be in 3D, is expected to hit theaters on July 3, 2012.