Motorola Android tablet seems to be on Verizon

It could possibly be the most important Android tablet yet. With Motorola and Verizon becoming the winning team for Android phones, this speculated project could give the iPad a run for its money.

Motorola designs and manufactures virtually all of the phones that carry the “Droid” name, and Verizon powers them, provides service and marketing, and has turned it into the defining brand of the Android platform.

Now the two are coming together to take down the iPad, and because of their success in the mobile phone side of the business, this could be big.

We already knew Motorola was planning an Android tablet, and Google’s Andy Rubin even demonstrated it at a recent event. But we didn’t know who would provide service for it or what it would be called.

However, a new image has surfaced showing the same tablet, with an emblazoned Verizon logo.

The only major competitor to the iPad right now is Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, which is selling better than expected. Samsung has even increased its forecast for end-of-year sales. So, clearly, people are eager for iPad alternatives.

While there has been no name unveiled for this still-shrouded-in-mystery tablet, we hope it will be called the Droid Pad, Droid Tab, Droid Book…basically, anything with the “Droid” name. Because that name sells phones, and it will sell tablets too.