Motorola adds mobile startup 280 North to its quiver

In a bid that is likely to improve its increasing presence in the smartphone market, Motorola has confirmed that it has acquired a mobile development company called 280 North.

280 North specializes in making mobile app development more accessible. It provides Web-based tools to make it easier for anyone to create an app. The company operates a development framework called Cappuccino.

“I can confirm that Motorola acquired 280 North earlier this summer. The transaction provides Motorola with specialized web-app engineering talent and technology that will help facilitate the continued expansion of Motorola’s application ecosystem,” said Motorola in a Tech Crunch story.

The company was created by former Apple employees who used to work in the iPhone and iTunes teams. It’s interesting now that it is owned by a manufacturer that specializes in their former biggest competitor, Android.

Motorola is the maker of the best-selling Android device in the world, the Droid. It has since made Android a standard feature in its entire line of smartphones.

According to rumors, Motorola paid around $20 million for 280 North. Neither side of the deal has mentioned financial details.