Smartfish debuts ErgoMotion mouse

Smartfish has introduced a mouse which intuitively adapts to a user’s hand position.

The ErgoMotion also features a swivel mechanism that enables forward, backward and lateral wave-like movements for the wrist every time the mouse is in use.

“When using a static mouse, the hand, wrist and arm are confined to a fixed position that limits natural movements and forces robotic gestures which strains your tendons and ligaments causing pain and discomfort over time,” Smartfish CEO Dr. Jack Atzmon told TG Daily.

“[But] the ErgoMotion Mouse adapts to your natural movements and provides the most unique and healthy computing experience to date.”

The ambidextrous ErgoMotion Mouse – which is priced at $50 – features both left and right click, a four-way scroll wheel and a wireless USB plug-in.