Marvell and OLPC design $75 tablet

Marvell and One Laptop per Child (OLPC) have teamed up to design a new family of low cost ($75), next-gen tablets that will be capable of operating on just a single watt of power.

The new XO-3 tablets – which are based on Marvell’s Moby reference design – will reportedly feature a 1GHz Marvell ARMADA 610 processor, integrated 802.11bn WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, FM radio and a multi-lingual soft keyboard with touch feedback.

The Moby-based devices will also support high quality video (1080p full-HD encode and decode), high performance 3D graphics, Flash 10 Internet and two-way (webcam) teleconferencing. 

In addition, the chipset is compatible with a number of operating systems, including Google Android, Windows Mobile and Ubuntu Linux.

However, OLPC News reports that the “all variants” of the XO-3 Moby tablet are slated to run the Sugar Learning Platform by default, although GNOME will also be an option via a dual desktop setup.