Stereoscopic 3D PC market: $0 to $34 billion in 4 years

The new stereoscopic 3D home standard is not just heading to your TV, it’s also making its way to the PC market. And analysts predict that as many as 75 million 3D PCs will be sold in the next 4 years.

Jon Peddie Research has released a report that suggests a very rapid adoption of stereoscopic 3D (S3D) computers. The research firm predicts that the market, which hardly even exists at this point, will explode – from less than one million units sold in 2010 to a staggering 75 million by 2014.

Jon Peddie points to video games as the primary driver of 3D PC hardware, whereas the 3D TV market is largely focused on TV and movie content. The PS3, however, is already prepped to offer 3D gaming for S3D TV sets.

“Although most PCs will be S3D capable due to the GPUs that are in them, not all PCs will be S3D PCs because they need a special monitor, glasses, and appropriate content,” said the research firm.

Instead of doing piecemeal 3D computers, though, it’s likely that a lot more all-in-one PCs will incorporate the technology. Asus has already announced its first S3D model, an all-in-one computer with a 24-inch 3D optical touch-screen.

Then there’s the issue of 3D glasses, which gets complex if different standards are put into place. Most consumers would balk at the notion of needing 2 separate pairs of 3D eyewear, one for their TV and one for their computer.

Even with these stumbling blocks, Jon Peddie is confident that S3D computers will become the new standard. Between content and hardware, the analyst firm expects the newly-created market to pull in nearly $30 billion over the next 4 years.