Marvel licenses branded LED TVs

What better way to show off your inner geek than to deck out your living room with an HDTV themed to one of several Marvel Comics superheros.

The new selection of sets, manufactured by Roundtable Concepts, includes such choice as a green Incredible Hulk TV or a blue Fantastic Four model.

When the TV is powered on, a splash screen featuring the superhero(es) is displayed for 8 seconds. The character is also emblazoned on the bottom corners of the TV sets.

The company’s marketing team must have had fun working on product descriptions for these sets, like the Storm TV which has copy that reads, “When there is a storm outside, occupy yourself with your very own Storm TV.”

Customers can buy their superhero TV directly from Roundtable at, which refers to the product’s model number. The online store was unavailable as of Sunday morning and there is no price listed in the company’s press release. Expect a wide price range, though, as the TVs are available in sizes from 22 inches to 55 inches.