White House optimizes Web site for iPad

In the week leading up to today’s iPad launch, there was no shortage of announcements from companies, TV networks, and software publishers…but the most unexpected iPad announcement came from the White House.

Dave Cole, the director of new media at the White House, announced yesterday that it had launched a mobile version of its Web site. Its timing seems to have been scheduled to coincide with the launch of Apple’s new tablet device. It makes sense, since everyone in the tech world is focusing on the iPad right now and makes the launch of a mobile White House site even more of a story. In an official blog post, Cole pointed out that its new site is featured by Apple as an iPad-ready Web site. “The Mobile.WhiteHouse.gov program is just the latest in our effort to make our content available on a broad number of platforms as technology changes how — and where — people get their information,” he added. Users can point their mobile devices to mobile.whitehouse.gov to view the government’s new mobile site.