Major Windows Phone announcement coming this month

It looks like Windows Phone 7 may be getting a huge update on May 24.

That is when Microsoft will be holding a special event in New York City, which the company just revealed today by sending out invitations to the event.

Few details were included on the invite itself, but it definitely reveals Microsoft has something planned for two weeks from now, and based on what the invite says, it certainly would make sense.

The update would likely bring the Windows Phone platform to what developers have been referring to as “Mango,” a name that applies to the software version number of the program that is Powering current Windows Phone phones.

WP7 has an uphill battle to face the least, to say the least. Microsoft is coming in at a time when most consumers are happy with their iPhone or their Android phone. There’s not a lot of turmoil in the market at this moment.

Nevertheless, Microsoft is confident it can remain relevant in this market. After all, it did sign a deal with a company that used to power more smartphones than any other company on this planet.

Of course, it’s not exactly like we are in the middle of a war zone or something…

Yes, now that Nokia phones will become powered by Windows Phone, according to Microsoft. We’ll see what happens, but for right now, I’m not too afraid of WP7.