Report: PS3 online gaming to return in a "couple days"

The light at the end of the tunnel may be approaching soon.

Eurogamer reports an unnamed source as revealing Sony has plans to bring the Playstation Network back online, at least in some limited form, by the end of this week. This would bring with it the ability to play games online with other Playstation users, something that has been disabled for more than two weeks after Sony realized it was the victim of a massive data security breach.

Sony has been keeping users as up-to-date as it can, focusing its entire blog on the effort to restore service and canceling all other scheduled blog posts in the mean time.

The company had promised to bring PSN service back to some sense of normalcy last week, but that never happened. Instead, it had to reveal the data attack was even more intrusive than it originally realized.

Sony is working with official law enforcement agencies as well as private investigators and third-party security companies to fix the leak, which it admitted in a press conference was a “known vulnerability.”

From here on out, it’s all about damage control, and if Sony can get service back up and running in some capacity, it will be a good start.

From there, the company plans to offer free premium services and identity theft protection, at a bare minimum, as a way of apologizing to its greatly unsettled consumer base.