Mac v PC: Why Buying a MacBook is the Best Thing You Can Do

Though the debate will always rage on as to whether Macs or PCs are superior, here are five convincing reasons why buying a MacBook is a great idea.

The debate between whether it is better to invest in a Mac or PC has been going on for years. And, depending on whom you talk to, it is likely you will receive a very strong opinion as to why “their choice” is the best choice.

For example, PC users claim Macs aren’t practical and are too expensive. On the other hand, Mac users claim PCs are slow and ineffective at getting the job done.

In the end, the decision you make will largely depend on what you are comfortable with, your overall budget, and which side of the debate you agree with more.

That said, we are here to show you five reasons why buying a MacBook might just be the best thing you can do for yourself, regardless of which side of the coin you typically fall on.

1. Macs Are Consistent

If you are a Windows user, you cannot deny that every time an update rolls out, you hold your breath a little. Oftentimes, Windows updates (like Windows Vista) change things around for no apparent reason and frustrate even the most dedicated PC users.

Macs on the other hand are minimal and consistent. Whenever an update releases, the general interface changes very little, making the transition seamless and less buggy.

2. Sometimes Less is More

Though consumers love options, sometimes for the general non-techie, there are too many PCS to choose from.

All Macs come from the same manufacturer and there are only 6 options to choose from – MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, and the Mac Pro. So, even if you are looking to sell your MacBook using a service such as Gadget Salvation, and pick from one of Mac’s other products, the choice is quite limited.

However, limited choice is sometimes better. When it comes to PCs, there are hundreds to choose from, all made by different companies. There is very little consistency and it can be difficult to wade through each model and decide which one best fits your individual needs.

3. Increased Security

One of the best things about MacBooks (and all other Mac products) is that they are nearly airtight when it comes to security, even without security software installed protecting it.

This isn’t to say your Mac cannot become infected with some malicious code, because it can. It just so happens that the chances are less likely. And, if by chance your Mac is infected, the effects pale in comparison to a Windows computer that has the same malware installed on it.

4. The Support

When you buy a MacBook, you automatically have access to Apple’s Genius Bar. This free, in-person technical support is available to help you with any issues you are having with your Apple product. And, because Apple products are so limited, it is easy to get expert support that actually solves your problem.

Alternatively, because there are simply too many PCs on the market today that are using too many variations of Windows, it can be impossible to get truly expert support when you have an issue.

And oftentimes, even when two products are equal when it comes to things like specs, usability, and security, the one with superior customer service and support will win.

5. Included Software

Sure, some PCs comes packed with exceptional software that can be used by even the most advanced computer users. However, most of the time PCs come with limited built-in software, which then requires you to download a free version from a third-party (which always comes with risk) or buy a software upgrade which adds to the price of your computer.

Macs comes with built-in software such as Photos, iMovie, Pages, Numbers, iTunes, Maps, and more. Plus, with access to the App Store, you can add a myriad of additional apps to your MacBook with a few clicks. Lastly, despite what people will tell you, you can run software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook on a Mac, making it much more versatile than PC lovers want you to believe.

In the end, Macs are an expensive electronic purchase no doubt. In fact, their hefty price tags are often what garner the most criticism. However, if you look at the overall picture, and really examine everything that comes with a MacBook purchase, the price can often be justified and the decision to buy a Mac over a PC becomes an easy one.