Lenovo touts multitouch screen technology

San Francisco, Calif. Lenovo has introduced the ThinkPad X200 Tablet PC and ThinkPad T400s laptop. Both portable devices feature multitouch screen technology – along with SimpleTap – an application designed to simplify interaction with multitouch screens.

“We see now as the right time for multitouch screens on PCs,” said Lenovo spokesperson Sam Dusi. “With touch screens increasingly becoming part of more devices we use routinely and continued improvement of the technology including the integration of touch in the upcoming Windows 7 operating system, the environment for making touch part of our Tablet PC and ThinkPad T400s laptop experience couldn’t be better. We’ve also extended the touch experience with SimpleTap to make frequent hardware-based functions touch-enabled and simple.”

According to Dusi, the screens are ultra-sensitive and respond to even the “slightest touch” of a finger.

“Lenovo optimized the firmware to help compensate for slightly imprecise taps on the screen, such as when closing a window or navigating the Start menu, helping make navigation easier for Tablet users,” explained Dusi. “To combat fingerprints, an anti-fingerprint coating helps keep smudges at bay and the screen clean.”

He noted that SimpleTap facilitated the uninterrupted use touch screens by providing access to hardware-based functions that may be more easily accessed via touch input.

“As a quick access interface, SimpleTap allows users to get in, perform a function and get out quickly. Simply double tap anywhere on the screen to launch the application. A clean and efficient grid of colorful and transparent square tiles, inspired by the classic 15 Puzzle, opens on top of the work beneath and allows users to choose several hardware-based functions,” added Dusi.

Pricing starts at approximately $2,000 for the multitouch ThinkPad T400s and $1,654 and $1,704, respectively, for the ThinkPad X200 Tablet with the multitouch and outdoor screen.